Gilbert Arizona Temple until Phoenix Temple is built

Gilbert Arizona Temple until Phoenix Temple is built
Wherefore, Be of good cheer and do not fear, for I the lord am with you, and will stand by you, and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the son of the living God, that I was, that I am and that I am to come. D&C 68.6

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Re: How is Arizona???

Things are so much better in the mission field! I love it down here! So on my flight, you wont guess, i was sitting two rows in front of Rn Watson! How crazy is that?! And getting down to Phoenix was hot! It was like 108 that day! We went to the temple site and then the mission home. That night i just hung out with President Griffin and we got to know each other pretty well !I think we are going to stay really close while we are out here! He told me that he set me up with a companion that had the same qualities as me and someone that was a lot like me. Then the next day we had all 250 missionaries meet in a chapel in Glendale which never happens. Maybe like once or twice a year. My companion is a 25 year old Samoan that was born and raised on the islands! He got recruited and given a full ride scholarship to play football at San Jose State but gave it up so that he could serve in the military because his family needed the money. That spoke loudly to me! We get along really well! He is quite though, unless we are in lessons. We jam out to some poly mormon music haha. But we are serving in an area about an hour north of phoenix called Prescott valley. Not the actual city of Prescott but Prescott valley. Its about the size of Cedar City is what they say. There are some nicer area but a lot of it is not very wealthy.Honestly, i would be fine if i never left here! We share an apartment with two other missionaries that are cool as well! We get up at 6 and run every morning and it sucks haha. No its good but im not a runner. When i got to the area they already had a baptism set up for this Friday, a family of 5! Other than that we work with a lot of less active families! I love showing families my favorite mormon message video its called "The Hope Of God's Light". Please watch it and think about fast and prayer for this upcoming Sunday! Its really powerful !I hope you guys all have a good week! I love you! 

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